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Refugio de vida silvestre Laguna Urpiano

We decided to start the conservation of the area that had been so badly treated because of illegal deforestation and poaching more than ten years ago. We began to protect its fauna and restore its flora, and finally three years ago we started with the study and recovery of the population of sea turtle nesting on our beach.

What you do makes a difference. So you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make in the world.

Jane Goodall

Baby turtles released
Nesting turtles
Saved nests
Trees planted

  • Who we are

    We are lovers of nature and we fight for its conservation, especially sea turtles and their habitat as well as all other animals and plants that surround us 


  • What we do

    We maintain the natural environment avoiding the deforestation and we help in the recovery of the population of the sea turtles 

  • How we do it

    Focusing in our multiple and different projects: reforestation, ecological plantation, blue flag and search and protection of sea turtle nests.

  • Why

    We love our planet and everything that comprise it, so we enhance human collaboration to conserve our nature 


  • Our job

  • Testimonials

    "All the beauty in this project is the exchange you can have with the staff, you learn the truly meaning of "Pura vida".

    Camille, France

    "Seeing a sea turtle under the moonlight going to lay its eggs and knowing that we were going to save all her baby turtles was very rewarding".

    Rosa, Spain

    "When you come here you become part even if it is a little bit of something very big, very impressive and very admirable that they are doing for the conservation".

    Alejandra, Mexico