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Since November 2016, we have been working with the Teaming platform, which helps to raise funds in a safe way through micro-donations of 1€ per month. And so your little grain of sand can be part of this beach of sea turtles.

Donate with Teaming

Adopt a nest

The adoption of a nest for only $20 or a baby sea turtle $5 is a symbolic gesture of support and esteem, since they are destined to disappear without our help.
As easy as one of these nests or a baby turtle can take your name, we will send you a personalised certificate with a picture and let you know the data of the nesting sea turtle when spawning, number of eggs and the birth of the baby sea turtles.
An adoption can also be a gift, add a note with the recipient’s first and last name and the message you want to send.

         Adopt a nest         

Adopt a baby sea turtle


Your donations make a real difference to the work we do, helping hundreds of wild animals in need. You can make your donations via international bank transfer or via PayPal.

Please contact us after making the donation to follow up and confirm when we have received it.

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

Nombre: Johnny Hurtado Aguilar
Address: 200 metros sur de la Laguna Urpiano, Matina de Limón, Costa Rica.
Iban: CR10 0151 0982 0010 395169
Account number: 200-01-098-039516-2
Subject: Donation


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Wish List

If you prefer to make a material donation that helps in our project to help the conservation of sea turtles and the fauna and flora of the ecosystem that surrounds them, we also thank you, here you can see materials and other things that we need.

Our wish list includes:

Approx. cost
Latex gloves $8
AA and AAA batteries $4
Battery charger AA y AAA $30
Bed linen and towels $15
Stationery (folios, notebooks, pencils, rubbers, scissors, etc.) $20
Printer $45
Laminating pouches $10
Projector and screen for talks $300
Work overalls $15
Waterproof clothes and backpacks $20
Monthly food for our dogs, horse and chickens $30 $50 $20
Two kayaks made by an artisan from the area for the use and joy of volunteers as well as quick trips $200 unidad
Native trees for reforestation $5 unidad
Materials to build a wood oven $250
Posts and mesh for hatchery reconstruction $400
Thermocouples / hobos for studies of temperature of nests $600
Monell tags for adult turtles $500
Other more expensive elements that we need are:
Extra battery for the solar panel $800
Motor for the boat $4,000
Work tools (shovels, wheelbarrow, rakes, hammer, nails …) $1,000
Wood for replacement of structures damaged $1,000


If you want to contribute in the purchase of these tools, please, make a free donation specifying what you want us to use it for. When we have enough money for it, we will notify you.

In the case of postal delivery, please contact us and we will send you the notification of receipt. Otherwise, you can always bring it personally; we will be delighted to receive you at the Refugio de vida silvestre Laguna Urpiano.