We are a non-profit organization that is maintained with the collaboration of volunteers who participate in the project and sponsors who support our initiative in the protection of sea turtles and the conservation of the natural habitat that surrounds us.

Your collaboration is important and you can have one of the best experiences of your life. From the moment you show interest the adventure can begin, the sea turtles will awaken your curiosity and you will be immersed in a natural and wild world where your help is essential.

Your responsibilities here will be to help in the development of the population monitoring project, recovery of sea turtle nests and conservation of the natural environment. You will be involved in night patrols on the beach, hatchery care and data collection. In addition your help in routine tasks will be more than appreciated. Out of season you can help in the maintenance of the project, data analysis and preparation of the hatchery and the environment for the next season.

Visit our logbook and visits to see the reviews of our volunteers.

You will have a great time!

If you need more information, please leave us a message in contact.

If, instead, you already have everything you need and are ready to immerse yourself in the adventure, complete this form.